Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's Get Started

Did an experiment to see how much length the letters needed to be. The overpasses in NJ are quite high. The letters were 10 inches tall. Will likely make the following ones nearly a foot tall and read horizontal. The glare from the Sun was bad. In addition, I could not get close enough to the overpass for a proper photograph. So I resized and cropped the picture.

I put the sign facing east because there was more traffic coming from NYC . "Your Job Next" is quite tame compared to what I have planned in the future including putting them near the usual traffic jams. Give the sheeple some reading material.

Finally, I plan on never ending 2-4 times a week protest in front of the NYSE starting next week. And some protests locally. They will have a different tone than past protests.


1 comment:

Mike in Texas said...

First, let me applaud your efforts to bring light to the critical subject of illegal aliens.
Second, your points of reference were spot-on and put the Somerset Board in a defensive position.
Third, the apathy of the board and America is pathetic.
Last, it is evident that the mexicans have an agenda. they want to impart the nasty culture of dirty mexico in to our great country - and what is worse- we are allowing it to happen! God bless you and the Minutemen!

Disgusted and against the invasion of mexicans,