Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Traitor Should Not Be President

As the election draws near I see many believing that we as Americans have only two choices. That's an outright lie. One can choose a third party candidate such as Chuck Baldwin or none of the above.

Choosing the same party and candidates that have betrayed America and her citizens is an option for lunatics. Pontificate out of your rear end all you want. There are no "lesser of two evils" here. As the financial collapse of America unfolds it has become ever so tiresome trying to reason with most Americans either too dull or infected with willful ignorance. Therefore noting that appealing to ones sense of honor, decency, fairness, loyalty, intellect or common sense has fallen on deaf ears.

This after losing most of my business because I refused to hire illegal aliens and the fact that most Americans could care less if asked to hire Americans, as well as doing over 80 protests *alone* in the towns of Bernardsville, Morristown, Somerville, Cedar Knolls, NJ and in New York City in front of the New York Stock Exchange and WABC radio. I have made the sacrifices for my country, perhaps more so than any other American. With the only reward for loyalty to my country has been being spit upon, threatened with violence and degradation.

And yet, Billionaires and Globalists corporations will be getting billions, even trillion dollar bailouts.

It has become crystal clear that justice for Americans, even in their own country no longer exists. With such empirical evidence at hand one must choose to take a far more mercenary approach and appeal to the only emotion amoral sheep, thieves and traitors have. Greed and self-preservation.

Usually, as history notes, such actions are commonly called "Civil War" and "Revolution". Since most Americans are too dull or infatuated with their own self-importance and cannot even participate in a protest, the idea of internal war breaking out in the United States is near zero. And I with no military, police experience, weaponry and perhaps even the stones.

I mention that fact not for the reading pleasure of 'Skully and Mulder' but to those who could... over the years and have shouted to others "you go first". I have gone first 80 times in the past couple of years while you continue to type furiously into the internet and count cans of Tuna in your underground bunker. If a self-absorbed people of a nation are not willing to make a few sacrifices for a political yet peaceful solution to tyranny then they should not be surprised to wake up one morning facing Hobson's Choice.

OTOH, if say the current/future financial crisis or some other events participate a breakdown of societal norms then indeed the lost ideas of humility and community just might resurface as a catalyst for a more positive outcome, hopefully peaceful but nevertheless currently unforseen. Especially if encouragement is given.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Protests On Wall Street

First and Second Protest of many at the NYSE.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's Get Started

Did an experiment to see how much length the letters needed to be. The overpasses in NJ are quite high. The letters were 10 inches tall. Will likely make the following ones nearly a foot tall and read horizontal. The glare from the Sun was bad. In addition, I could not get close enough to the overpass for a proper photograph. So I resized and cropped the picture.

I put the sign facing east because there was more traffic coming from NYC . "Your Job Next" is quite tame compared to what I have planned in the future including putting them near the usual traffic jams. Give the sheeple some reading material.

Finally, I plan on never ending 2-4 times a week protest in front of the NYSE starting next week. And some protests locally. They will have a different tone than past protests.


Traitors Among Us-Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders

My bizarre conversation with Quislings.